About Us

About Us

UniTol, short for Unique and Total Training Solutions, has been created with the vision to become the most preferred global end-to-end training solutions partner.

UniTol is the go-to company for corporate entities and individuals looking for training process management and/or facilitation services. The company has leveraged on the vast experience of its core team in the area of organizational training, business consulting and travel industry.

The founding team members have, over years of multi-disciplinary experience as training providers and in management of the training function and process, identified the need for a complete solution that ties together all the elements that comprise of and complete a training process. This finding, along with a long standing desire to come up with unique solutions and create true intellectual capital, propelled the team to create UniTol. The entire gamut of the solutions come together in the portal SimplifyMyTraining.com

This idea could be taken from concept to reality thanks to a strong core team and valuable strategic investment partnership. The result, arrived at after detailed analysis and design, is a dedicated Training Solutions entity, providing online and offline service elements.

Core Values

Respect for every individual
Growth through Innovation
Success with integrity
Service through Solutions

C- Complete

C- Complete (short form for See Complete) is a fully customizable multi rater feedback system from UniTol Training Solutions Pvt Ltd. This product is available as a stand alone solution and as a part of a complete suite of tools and utilities for Trainers, Training Organizations and other Organizations in www.SimplifyMyTraining.com

Apart from C-Complete, there are a number of unique offerings from UniTol/SimplifyMyTraning.com which include:

Participant Connect

Participant Connect is a facility which enables Trainer and Learner (participant) to move from a transactional orientation to a relationship based process of learning. Using Participant Connect, the Trainer can stay connected with the participant through the life cycle of the learning process. Not only this, you the Trainer, can now be able to create, monitor and share learning journeys.

Trainer Scorecard

Traditionally Trainers fall back on participant-feedback, done at the end of the Training program for any improvement/changes. However, the process of designing and delivering training has more facets than only those captured in the participant feedback. There is a basket of various competencies across training design, planning and delivery processes, which determine the Trainer Competency from a holistic perspective. SimplifyMyTraining.com has designed and developed a unique instrument that provides a comprehensive assessment of these competencies.


Organizations increasingly would like to evaluate the efficacy of their training – the actual return that they get for investing in training of their employees. SimplifyMyTraining.com’s (SMT) Research team has developed a comprehensive model which is simple to use, and provides crucial decision making information to CEO/HR and L&D Heads with regard to training investments.

Individual Learning Corner

The greatest pressure at work today is the pressure of deadlines. While it is tempting to push learning to the backseat, doing that means limiting the potential and hence the productivity of an individual. To partner with you in harnessing Learning as a process and productivity enhancer, we offer you the Individual Learning Corner- a single window into the Development Path. The Individual Learning Corner is specially dedicated to the growth needs of the employee wherein He/She can look up the different feedback reports, chart development road maps, read suggested material from Consultants and Trainers.

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