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Be it for individuals or for Organizations, C-Complete is the most easy to set-up and use platform, for collecting, collating and generating exhaustive reports on multi-rater feedback.

A platform for receiving and giving development & improvement feedback

Individual Development is a continuous journey, which can be facilitated only through objective feedback. Scientifically designed, appropriately sought, accurately collated, exhaustively analyzed and properly interpreted feedback can provide multiple benefits to individuals and organizations, alike.

C-Complete comes with a rich set of features and options.

List Of Features

C-Complete is a feature rich platform, which provides for a number of value add aspects across the multi-rater feedbak value chain.

Competency Model

Pre populated Competency Models to help in initiating feedback cycles, quickly. Also feature to create own competency models.


Different Rating scales for varied needs; with scope to create and define new rating scales for specific needs.


Personalize your mail content at the start of the feedback cycle and also the intra cycle reminders.

Multi Lingual

Want to roll out in different languages to different sets of people? Use C-Complete’s multi lingual capabilities.

Mobile Enabled

Provide feedback on multiple devise formats. Mobile enablement capabilities help CxO to give feedback on the go.


Extensive reports along multiple dimensions helping in better and more objective analysis for the individual.


Extensive analytics to understand and interpret various aspects of the roll out; and take appropriate decisions.

Use Cases

Used by companies across the HR Value chain – TNI & TNA , PMS, C&S, Training & Development,.

Some of the most Common Questions about the Process and the Product

Why a Multi Rater Feedback?
Well, behaviour is very difficult to be ascertained objectively. It is more of a perception, and the more number of people feel about you (the individual) in a particular way, that is usually (closer to the) truth.
What is difference between 360 Deg and Multi Rater Feedback?
Very broadly speaking 360 Deg can be considered as a sub-set of Multi Rater Feedback or 360 is a form of a Multi Rater Feedback. In a Multi Rater, as the name indicates, feedback is taken from multiple people – multiple is operative word here. It doesnot matter what relation they have with the receiver of the feedback. In a 360 Deg the feedback is taken from the superiors, the peers, the subordinates and the customers. If each of these were represented by a angle of 90 deg (eg. Superior as 90 deg), then taken together it is 360, hence the name.
On what is the Feedback taken?
The feedback is taken on behaviours critical to the person or position. These, referred to as Competencies in our Product are broken down to finer elements so as to get granular information on each of them.
Are Multi Rater and 360 only initiated by Organizations?
Though typically Organizations initiate the feedback, progressive individuals donot wait for this and take upon themselves to identify their growth areas. C-Complete is one of the first platforms to support individual to initiate this process for himself/herself along with personality profiling.
How often do I need to take the Feedback?
Well, behaviour is not something that changes overnight. People after taking feedback, need to understand, reflect and improve (if needed) on it. Once they are sure that they have acted on it, they could re-initiate a repeat cycle to see if there is a improvement.

View how C-Complete helps Individuals and Organizations

Multi Rater Feedback helps Organizations across the HR Value Chain and helps positively impact Business Results.

The process of reflection and introspection triggered by using a Multi Rater or a 360 Degree Feedback, enables individuals to grow, by addressing their ‘gaps’ and leveraging on their strengths.

Individuals, wanting to truly grow and develop, seek periodic feedback from those who matter and then act upon it.

Organizations across the world today are using Multi Rater or 360 Degree Feedback process for various aspects along the HR Value Chain. C-Complete, as a solution has helped organizatons in their Training Needs Identificaiton and Analysis (TNI &A), Leadership Development, Performance Mangement System (PMS), Career & Sucession Planning (C&S)

Internal and External, Coaches & Mentors use Multi Rater feedback for providing impactful results.

Organizations wanting to truly marry internal capabilities to match external Customer needs and expectations, use Multi Rater System, not just to get a feedback but to develop Individual as well as Oragnization Capability platform to meet changing customer and business expectations.

Ture Training and Development needs by Organizations, which have high levels of line-of-visibility with the customer, leverage on these platforms to drive customer delight and gain competitive advantage.


Number of Competencies


Number of


Number of feedback givers tapped


Number of reports Generated


Simple, Straight Pricing

USD 24.99
Individual Basic
  • A complete multi rater assessment on Managerial Competencies – depending on whether you are in Junior Management, Middle or Senior Management Roles

USD 29.99
Individual Gold
  • Multi Rater assessment on your Functional Competencies as well as Managerial abilities. Get a composite picture of yourself, based on how others view you, in your role.

Coaches & Facilitators
  • For Coaches and Facilitators we offer a telescopic pricing Model. For 1-10 users USD 29.99; for 11-25 USD 24.49;
    for 26-50 USD 22.49,
    for 51-100 USD 19.99.

  • Are you an Organization with a large number of employees for whom you would like to initiate a multi rater ?

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